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                              Chairman’s Message


Dear customers,

Egypt Free Shops Co, is one of the major companies operating in the field of free markets in the Arab Republic of Egypt, we are honored to provide our services to our customers from various sectors, we have Egyptian citizens and working abroad, Tourists and guests of Egypt, Diplomatic Mission’s Members and all foreigners residing in Egypt, we are providing various types of commodities within our Exhibitions throughout Egypt. Since its foundation in the mid-sixties we always maintained a policy of expansion and development in order to provide the best services to these sectors and to achieve the best annual growth rate with greater profit for the company and to Egypt. We are confident that these efforts will contribute with great faith of the tourism recovery efforts while working on the comfort and pleasure of all our customers. Egypt Free Shops Co, proudly launched its website for the easy access of information as a facilitating service to our customers where they can reach our latest products and allows them to shop online in order to save effort and time. We hope that this site will be an extension
of the steps to meet the needs of all our customers. Gratefully, Chairman of the Board and



Managing Director


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